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Tactical/Combat Tracking Instructor Course

This class is available to military and law enforcement agencies upon request.
Please contact Greenside Training to make arrangements.


Product Description

This course is designed to deliver self sustaining Visual Tracking Instructors in support of military and law enforcement training operations. As the follow on to our train the trainer course, the Tracking Instructor course will provide your unit with independent lead instructors who will be capable of developing, executing and maintaining pertinent visual tracking training programs essential to your unit’s mission.

Your instructors will return to your unit with:

  • A customized Program of Instruction to include printable instructor guides, student outlines, and preferred methods of presentation.
  • Access to a network of trusted resources within the Tracking Community for continued education and on call consulting.
  • Certification as an assistant instructor for Greenside Training.

Greenside Training Tracker Instructor kit available upon request includes:

  • Target Systemics Battlespace Tactical Acuity Chart
  • SLYK Tripod, Jim White tripod panning head w/ bino adapter
  • Z-Bolt CTRIP Green Line Laser
  • Feit Electric 500 Lumen Flashlight 3 pack