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Grayside Hunter Urban Tracking



Product Description

Welcome to Grayside Hunter where you will be taught how to effectively identify, interpret, and follow trails of humans in highly populated and rural environments. 80% of the U.S. population lives within a 4 dimensional Urban Jungle and as trackers we must be able to follow the trails our enemy leaves us, no matter where they go. Greenside Training will lead you through a highly effective process which is designed to instill the fundamentals necessary in creating multi environmental capable trackers.

When you and your family leave home, do you wonder if anyone is snooping around your house? Are they burglars or human predators? Or are they just watchers? A trained tracker can monitor the soils around their property to determine when an unwelcome individual may have been present. The tracker can estimate gender, age, weight, what they were doing and where they came from and went to. Your family will be safer. You will leave our course with a higher sensitivity to your surroundings and you will never look at the world the same again. This program will teach you how to locate , identify, interpret, and follow trails of humans in semi rural and urban environments. For citizens and professionals alike.

Minimum Equipment: Note Taking Equipment; Camera; Hiking Boots; Outdoor Clothing (pants & long sleeves recommended); Day Pack; 100oz Water Capacity; Gloves; Snacks; eye protection, measuring tape.

Prerequisites: None

Follow on course recommended: Greenside Tactical Tracker