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Our military modules can be provided as requested at our location in AZ or at your unit location via mobile training teams across the globe. Requests for information should be sent to info@greensidetraining.com.

  • 10 Day Combat Tracker Team Course
  • 5 Day Combat Tracker Course
  • 3 Day Personnel Recovery/CSAR Tracking
  • 3 Day Counter Tracking & Evasion
  • 3 Day Counter Explosive Hazard Training
  • 1 Day G.L.I.N.T/Greenside Laser Index Night Tracking
  • 1 Day Tracking Team Tactics
  • 3 Day Ground Sign Interpretation/Site Exploitation for Weapons Intelligence Teams
  • 3 Day Asymmetric Visual Acuity Course (AVAC)
  • 2 Day Enhanced Surveillance & Target Acquisition
  • Combat Tracker Trainer & Instructor Certification Courses available upon request
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